HIV counselling and testing for prevention and care?

Human Immunodeficiency Virus also known as HIV, cause the HIV infection, which leads to Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome ( AIDS).  It attacks the immune system and turns its weak. Due to which the immune system fails to fight against the virus, and it causes the infection to spread. In the case of the worst scenario,  it can also lead to risk of cancer

There are no age factor, but certain groups have more chances of HIV as compare to other people. It includes people in the medical professional, sexually more active, LGBT,  etc. The causes of HIV can be sharing sex toys, unprotected sex, using the same needles and breastfeeding. The person who is suffering from HIV experience symptoms based on different stages. There are three stages divided, i.e.  Acute HIV, Symptomatic HIV infection and Progression to AIDS.

In acute HIV, the patient has symptoms like fatigue, sore throat, painful joints, fever, headache and body rashes. The second stage includes weight loss, oral thrush,  enlarged lymph nodes, and diarrhoea. Well in the third stage, the patient suffers through night sweats, life threatened disorders, white spots on tongue, and recurrent infections

HIV counselling helps in understanding the issue better and breaking the fear through open discussions that people face. It helps in building confidence and healthy mentally to fight against HIV.  Counselling also helps people to understand the prevention and dealing with HIV. If you are going through the same symptoms, you must consult with Dr Rakesh Agrawal. The doctors help to find out the best solution.

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