Ayurvedic treatment for phimosis ( Tight Foreskin )

Phimosis is a condition where the foreskin cannot be pulled back or retracted from around the tip of the penis. A tight foreskin is something seen common in the baby boys who aren’t circumcised.. However, for them, it usually stop being a problem by the age of 3. 

This tight foreskin condition may lead to various problems such as Penis infections. Due to this, some men may experience issues while passing urine or while into sexual intercourse. Also, this makes the erection painful due to the tension or tightness in the foreskin. Even in lot of cases, it has been seen that this causes loss of erection and often mistaken as erectile dysfunction. 

There are two types of phimosis – physiological phimosis in which the retraction is delayed and, Pathological phimosis which is caused due to certain disease. You can identify the phimosis through some major symptoms like your foreskin becomes too tight to retract or pull back when penis is loose or soft.

If your foreskin becomes too tight at the time of erection causing pain and eventually lose harness, then it also might be the case of phimosis. Symptoms of Balanoposthitis and Balantis also adds to the condition of tight foreskin. 

It requires proper diagnosis and evaluation to further conduct an effective treatment. Ayurvedic practises is the most effective treatment process for tight foreskin, if you don’t want the surgery treatment. You need to consult with the reputed sexologist Dr. Rakesh Aggarwal with expertise in Ayurvedic treatment for phimosis. For hassle-free experience, it is recommended to take the appointment for the consultation.

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