Ajwain (Carom seed)
Good for digestion, stimulates appetite and is a powerful cleanser. It helps with breathing and respiratory disorders.

Aloe Vera
Possesses many healing, detoxifying, cleansing and therapeutic properties. Its antibacterial and antifungal properties can be used of treat various skin diseases. Aloe Vera is also an excellent immune stimulator and can be used to boost the immune system.

Extremely high in vitamin C that promotes anti-inflammation and assists in internal cleansing/detoxification of the body. A natural antioxidant which has nourishing and protective properties to help boost the body’s natural defence systems.  

Ashwagandha (Indian Ginseng)
Possesses multiple benefits, reduces anxiety, stress, depression and increases brain function. Increases vitality by boost testosterone and fertility in men. Raises antioxidant levels in the blood and reduces inflammation.  

Astafetida (Hing)
Antibiotic with anti-bloating and cleansing properties. Helps with digestion and is good as a cardiac tonic and in treating high blood pressure.

Balances the body, reduces fat and cholesterol levels. An antioxidant that can be used to treat excessive sputum, chest congestion and coughs.  

Excellent antioxidant properties used to treat blood pressure, asthma and indigestion. Cardamon is very good in treating chronic respiratory disorders and symptoms associated with cold and flu.

Antifungal, cleanses the throat, is good for treating coughs and infestations in the lung and heart . Antitoxic used for cleansing urinary tract problems and has diuretic properties.

Very good in treating chronic upper respiratory and breathing disorders. Enhances circulation, digestion and metabolism. Works as a good antioxidant and can be used to strengthen the immune system.  

Used to treat fevers and helps to relieve nausea. Relieves inflammation, detoxifies the blood and is one one nature’s best tonics.

Curry Leaves
Boost and speeds up the digestive system and offers protection against food borne infections.

Anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, antiviral and antibacterial properties. Helps to clear the lungs, mucous, alleviates sore throat and coughs.Freshens the breath, aids digestion and is good for the nervous system.  

Good antioxidant keeping the body balanced, is useful in treating coughs, asthma, bronchitis and chest congestion. Reduces inflammations, aids digestion and helps lower cholesterol.

Helps treat rheumatoid arthritis, high blood pressure, inflammations, poor circulation and heart disorders.

Fox Nut (Makhana)
This has antioxidant, aphrodisiac, spermatogenic and antihyperglycemic properties. Increases physical strength and stamina.

Powerful antibacterial, fungicidal and insecticidal used to treat various stomach and skin diseases. Antiageing, cleansing properties that improve skin tone and complexion. Relieves symptoms of coughs and colds. Used to treat fever, chronic respiratory disorders and boosts the immune system.

It has several therapeutic benefits as a immunomodulator in the treatment of chronic disease and fever.

Holy Basil (tulsi)
An antimicrobial herb with insecticidal and bactericidal properties. It has a balancing effect on the body and is particularly good for treating asthma and other chronic respiratory disorders. Use it to relieve the symptoms of colds and coughs.

Lemon Grass
Used to treat gastrointestinal problems, fever, cough and fungal infections. Calms the nervous system, relieves headaches and muscle cramps.

A rejuvenator which provides good strength and immunity to the body. Helps alleviate sore throats, reduces inflammations and swelling. Expels phlegm from the lungs and heals respiratory diseases.

Used to treat stomach disorders, headache, inhalations and coughs. Antiseptic properties are effective for conditions like colds, flu, fevers, phlegm and nasal congestion.

Moringa Oleifera (Sahajan drumstick)
Helps balance and detoxify the body, good for vision and keeps the heart healthy.

A powerful detoxifier, antioxidant with antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties. Due to its healing properties neem can also be used to treat wounds and repair damaged tissue. Neem has strong antiviral activities to protect against viruses and helps speed up recovery after illness.  

Rock Salt
Helps to relieve chest congestion by dissolving and expelling sputum. Relieves throat swelling, dry coughs, and tonsillitis. Acts as a nervous stimulant by relaxing the body and mind.  

A truly universal healing remedy Antibacterial, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and blood cleansing properties. A truly universal healing remedy and blood detoxifier.

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