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Ayurveda Doctor and Sexologist in Dehradun

Dehradun City has many people who are struggling with sexual disorders and desperately looking for a sexologist who can cure their sexual conditions.

Are you looking for Sexologist in Dehradun? Well, we don’t have any physical centre in Dehradun yet but you can contact us through Call, Whatsapp or E-mail and book your appointment with the doctor you wish to discuss your problem. For over 120 years, Dr Rakesh Agarwal (Ayurvedic Physician and Sexologist) along with the Arogyadham Family has provided Ayurvedic treatment various for sexual diseases.  As a Sexologist, our dedication towards our patient is commendable, we provide a quick solution to people who are struggling with sexual disease or disorders. After booking your statement you can come to our centre that you feel convenient; currently, we have three centres which are located in MuzaffarnagarDehradun, and Rishikesh.

There are many people from Dehradun who have already consulted their sexual problems with us and are happily leading their lives.

There is nothing to be ashamed about, without any hesitation, you need to come forward and discuss your sex-related queries. So that we can provide a solution at the earliest and you can find us by typing the keyword on the search engine, "Dr. Rakesh Agarwal Sexologist Near Me".

Arogyadham Treatment Centre
Dr. Rakesh Aggarwal
Ayurvedic Physician & Sexologist

What is Vigour and Vitality?

Erectile dysfunction, early discharge and lack of stamina/desire are common problems that men face after a certain age. This leads to the loss in confidence, irritation and also can lead to tension with one’s partner. In these cases, people may shift to Allopathic products like Videhradun to help them boost their sex drive. The challenge with these products though is that they have side effects ? These sex medicines increase the levels of nitric oxide in your blood that help in the widening of blood vessels. This nitric oxide acts as a vasodilator and helps in increasing the blood flow in the penis area helping you get an erection easily and also helps you perform for a long time but can be very harmful for hypertensive (blood pressure) patients as well as diabetics.

In today’s world, there are several medicines available to increase your sexual power. But why pop unnecessary pills when you can increase it in a natural way? Taking any Allopathic medicines that interfere with the natural processes of the body will always have side-effects.

  • Erectile Dysfunction: Erectile dysfunction is a very common sexual disease among men; in such cases, a man is not able to have a complete erection with his penis.
  • Premature Ejaculation: When a man can't control Ejaculation or not able to make his sex drive long. Short sex drive on the bed could lead to stress!
  • Low Sperm Count: Due to the working environment, these days that lead to stressful life could result in as Low Sperm count. With such a condition, it's hard for a woman to conceive. Let's get treated!
  • Sexually Transmitted Disease: An unprotected sex could lead to STD infection and one could get some really deadly disease such as syphilis. We, with the help of Ayurveda cure people who are affected by STDs or STIs.
  • Phimosis/Tight Foreskin: Tight Foreskin leads to irritation and inflammation, such a condition called 'Phimosis'. With certain exercises and Ayurvedic medicine, it's now easy to get rid of such a painful condition.
  • Paraphimosis: When the foreskin doesn't come back to the actual position and it becomes painful with swelling and stress. Such a condition can be treated with Ayurveda practices.
  • Low Sex Drive: Don't feel like having sex or got disinterested completely? It could lead to low sex drive and not healthy for your partner! Get yourself treated with ayurvedic medicine.
  • Genital Warts: In such a condition, warts grow around the genitals and could spread to your partner; it needs to get treated as soon as you feel them in your private part.
  • Candidiasis: It starts within your tongue in a form of white spots, it also affects your breath and makes it smelly. Consultation with our Ayurvedic doctor will definitely help you get rid of such a condition.
  • Balanitis: an inflammation, due to infection on the tip (glans) of the penis, there is nothing serious about this infection but could lead to uncomfortableness. Let's make life easy by treating it.
  • Penis Yeast Infection: This is a kind of infection, while you can see yeast around or over your private part. It can also happen due to unprotected sex too. It required immediate treatment so that it will not spread to your partner.
  • HIV Counselling: Scared Of HIV / AIDS After Sex With Someone? Don't Be Stressed. All You Need Is To Know More About HIV by Taking HIV Counselling at Arogyadham Center. Read our blog About HIV and Book Appointment For HIV Counselling.

Ayurveda Doctor and Sexologist in Dehradun

    Few tips for Dehradun people to solve this problem

  • Good blood flow plays a key role in sexual performance for men. Eat fruits like bananas, and vegetables like onions and garlic to increase blood circulation.
  • Staying active is one of the best tips for improving sexual power. Doing sweat- breaking exercises for 30 minutes a day does wonders to your libido.
  • Stress can have a bad effect on your libido, as well as overall health. Doing exercises that can reduce stress, or talking to your partner about issues can help calm you down.
  • Smoking and consuming alcohol can harm your sexual performance, because studies have shown that they cause the narrowing of blood vessels. Try replacing these habits to increase sexual performance.
  • When exposed to the sun, the body produces less of melatonin. This results in waking up your sexual power, and is especially beneficial during the winter.
  • Both of these foods are one of the best for increasing sexual power. In addition, almonds can increase sexual desire, as well as fertility rates.

Herbs for Vigour and Vitality?

  • Ashwagandha (Indian Ginseng)
  • Gokshura
  • Shilajeet

Foods for Vitality

    Bananas are rich in Vitamins C, B1 and magnesium. They improve sperm count and motility. This fruit also contains bromeliad which is an enzyme that regulates sex hormones.

    Dark chocolate is an aphrodisiac which is great for your sperms too. Dark chocolate contains L-arginine and amino acids which make sperm count shoot u. Dark chocolate is also known to improve your orgasms.

    Eggs are rich in antioxidants, Vitamin E and protein. Eggs are vital in protecting sperms from free radicals. Eggs can increase and improve formation of healthy sperms while boosting sperm mobility.

    Oysters are another sexual enhancer which are great for your sperm. Oysters contain zinc which is important for healthy sperm production and increase testosterone levels. Apart from robust sperm, oysters will also raise your sperm count levels.

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