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    Our guaranteed Treatments are subject to terms and conditions

  1. The patient must strictly follow the Doctors instructions. It may vary from patient to patient depending on the condition and illness.
  2. Patients have to take all medicines as directed by the Doctor, at the right time and the prescribed quantity.
  3. All general conditions and restrictions applicable in ayurvedic treatments and panchakarma will be applicable in our treatments.
  4. Patients are not allowed to drink and eat from outside or buy from outside and use it inside the Treatment Centre.
  5. The patient must produce recent medical test reports (in English) before starting the treatment. Again on completion, or if required in between, the patient must produce test reports at their own cost.
  6. If in any case the patient is not cured 100%, but the patient’s condition improves considerably, the repayment under the money-back guarantee scheme will be pro-rata basis.
  7. Our liability is limited to the amount that we have received on account of medicine and treatment charges. If any treatment or medicine or any other service we provided on your request will not come under our money-back guarantee scheme.
  8. Money back guarantee is applicable only in the case of admitted patients. Out patients do not come under money-back guarantee scheme.
  9. The time period given is tentative and it may vary from patient to patient.
  10. If the patient is violating any of the conditions given above, in such cases our money-back guarantee is not applicable to them.
  11. If a patient is suffering from more than one ailment/disease, in such cases our money-back guarantee will not be applicable.
  12. If the patient is having any complaints or any problems, they must write it in the daily feedback form. If the patient is complaining on the last day of their stay in the hospital, we will not be able to solve it immediately. In such cases, we can extend the stay. They have to continue the panchakarma and other medicines until they get the expected level of recovery.
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What Our Patients Say About Arogyadham

We love that our patients feel inspired to write about the care they received here at Arogyadham Treatment Centre! Here are some of the wonderful comments we have received.

Testimonial Arogyadham Treatment Centre

The therapists were above and beyond my expectations. I will walk out of here with a much better understanding of myself and tools to use in the future to prevent relapsing.

Paras Chabbra
Testimonial Arogyadham Treatment Centre

Ayurvedic Treatment Centre has made me feel positive about my life, problems that were impacting my social life aren’t any more! I recommend everyone, who all are interested in Ayurvedic treatments.

Neha Sharma

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What is Ayurveda?

"Ayurveda is the gift to our modern society by ancient India. It is the oldest holistic healing system started around 3000 years ago in India. Ayurvedic healing is the practice of restoring balance in the body through natural means"

Ayurvedic Treatment for Panchakarma Treatment

Panchakarma Treatment

"The intensive therapies of Panchakarma treatment are aimed at cleansing & purification, weight regulation, regeneration & harmonization of bio-energy because the balance of body and mind is the basis for joy, vitality and performance".

Best Ayurvedic Centre

Best Ayurvedic Centre

"Before talking about the best ayurvedic centre lets talk about What is Ayurvedic center. Ayurvedic treatment centres offer cleanses, herbal treatments, massage and yoga sessions and complete treatment programs to cure a variety of illnesses".


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