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According to the Ayurveda, It is considered to be over 6000 years old, and the ancient natural healing method, based on harmonizing the body and the mind by restoring the balance of the Tridosha (Vata = Air, PITA = Fire, and KAPHA = Water).

The balance of these three doshas is seen as an individual constitution known as Prakriti in terms of Ayurveda and is used as a basis for Ayurvedic healing. It covers all aspects of health and well-being – physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. Whether you are looking for detoxification, mental and physical wellness, or just relaxation then you could go in for the traditional Ayurveda retreats in Rishikesh, India. Only Arogyadham is the place where you find the genuine and authentic experience of Ayurveda retreat. You will clean your body and learn how simple changes in your everyday life in diet, physical exercises, thinking patterns, and routines, will promote energy and create other positive changes in your life. This altogether will lead you to a more healthy, harmonious, and balanced life.

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