Kesh Rakshak Hair Oil



Kesh Rakshak hair oil gives complete nutrition to the hair. Not only hair-fall but also eliminates various problems of hair and also reduces insomnia and mental stress. This oil is best for problems like hair breakage, dandruff, white hair, not growing hair and many more hairs problems.

Additional information

Additional Info

➢Amla, Shikakai, Brahmi, Gudhal, Shankhuppi, ➢Herbs added Bhriguraj, Ambarbell, Indrayan ➢Baldness, hair-fall, cure for melanin in the hair roots ➢To cure insomnia and mental stress ➢ Helpful to reduce dandruff, weakening of hair ➢It gives nourishes the scalp ➢ Dermatologist tested ➢Clinically proven ➢Effects in just 45 days ➢Added vitamins, minerals, proteins, ➢Antioxidants ➢Healthy shine growth for hairs


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