Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD)

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December 1, 2023 |
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Sexually Transmitted Disease Treatments

Sexually Transmitted diseases (STDs), commonly called STDs, are diseases spread by having sexual intercourse with someone who is suffering from STD. It is also possible to get sexually transmitted diseases from sexual activity that involves the vagina, anus, mouth or penis.

STDs are commonly found in sexually active people. It is caused due to infection of viruses, bacteria or protozoans. STDs are needed to be taken seriously where it requires extensive treatment. Some STDs like HIV are even incurable and deadly. These diseases need to be treated. Otherwise, they can lead to higher complications such as infertility.

STDs such as Hepatitis B, Genital herpes, Gonorrhoea and Syphilis are a severe illness that requires proper treatment. Sometimes, there are no symptoms of Sexually Transmitted Disease, but when it is present, you need to identify them. These symptoms can be sores, warts or bumps near mouth, penis, anus or vagina, painful urination, swelling or redness near private parts, weight loss, skin rash, jaundice, painful sex and vaginal or penis discharge.

Allopathic treatment might come first in the patient’s mind. In this case, Ayurvedic treatment proves to be more effective in the treatment of Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD), especially from reputed and specialized Ayurvedic Doctors.

Still, due to constant misuse of antibiotics, anti-fungal, antivirals, and other medicines made your body immune or ineffective to these treatments. So you can consult Dr Rakesh Aggarwal with expertise on STDs treating with Ayurvedic practices. He is one of the best sexologists around for consultation as well.

For a hassle-free experience, make sure you make an appointment.

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