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Ayurveda And Cancer | The Remedy

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December 1, 2023 |
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The vast glory of Ayurvedic medicine is second to none. Ayurveda is serving the living species for over 5000+ years. Medical treatments that Ayurveda brings to the table show consistency and long-lasting results. Hence, there is no doubt that Ayurveda is the one to go for. However, people are still confused about the term Ayurveda. We are here to feel your hope with our blog on Ayurveda and Cancer.



This title does not need an introduction for sure. However, it does require a bit detailed explanation here. Cancer is perhaps the deadliest sickness on earth, second just to heart infections. Ayurvedic texts have numerous references to Cancer. According to the concept of ‘Charaka’ and ‘Sushruta Samhitas.

Cancer is an inflammatory or non-inflammatory neoplasm, and it can be ‘Granthi’ (small neoplasm) or ‘Arbuda‘ (big neoplasm). In other words, Cancer emerges because of unstable metabolism and not have a proper balance of body constituents, causing flawed division of cells and improper growth. This leads to the draining of systemic Ojas or vibrant energy.

According to World Health Organization, Cancer is the most dangerous killer in the world. With the increasing number of cases per year and the frequent failure to find the cure, scientists are turning towards something new with some roots connected with Ayurveda.

The scientists try to put their best into finding the cure that saves thousands of life suffering from Cancer. However, the wait for the cure is still in the queue.


Ayurveda Medicine | Ayurveda And Cancer

Ayurveda medical system is the oldest in the world. There are therapies like aromatherapy that help many patients deal with Cancer in a better way.

Body, Mind, spirit, the three essentials of our body, are inseparable, creates a harmony of life driving force that promotes good health and healing factors. Similarly, if we talk about cancer management, Ayurveda ensures complete health balance, improves immunity, enhances the internal healing mechanism, and facilitates recovery. Early discovery and better screening assume a critical part in Cancer Cure.


Health benefits With Food | Ayurveda And Cancer

The fact of the matter is that eating healthy food leads to optimum health.
The regular diet of healthy food resulted in displaying a better rate of rehabilitation.

Changing an unhealthy lifestyle and accepting the healthy one is a hard thing to push. However, this will benefit you in many ways. Therefore, Ayurveda revolves around nutrition or a sound eating routine (Pathya) when you are under cancer treatment.

Herbs That Helps You Out

Some of the herbs for healing in cancer treatment are

  • Long pepper, Chitrak (Plumbago zeylanica), Calamus, Turmeric, and Manjista.
  • Use of Ficus bengalensis, and Saussurea lappa.It helps in keeping the size of the tumour small.
  • In the condition of malignant tumour Basella Rubra, and Malabar spinach. Eat these.
  • An old recipe of Yavani Takra, and Fermented buttermilk Prepared with Seeds of Henbane/ Hyoscyamus niger.


What Is preferred In The Treatment Of Cancer?


Classical Way Of Treating Benign Tumours | Ayurveda And Cancer

Appropriate cleansing treatments and panchakarma is utilized at first to eliminate the vitiated body constituents. After that, some herbs like Helleborus, Guduchi, kusta, arjuna, and bilwa have been used for local usage on the tumour.

Sometimes, when the tumour is fully ripening, then it takes out by surgical means. The use of Cauterization, leech therapy, alkaline therapy depends on the characteristics and features of the tumour and its area of origin. Washed the wounds with herbs and promotes healing with herbal decoctions.


Classical Way Of Treating Malignant Tumour | Ayurveda And Cancer

At that time, when herbal medicine fails or when doctors go with the advanced surgical treatment, then cleansing comes into effect. After this, the warm herbs liquefy the contents of swelling.

Performing surgery is the next step by opening the malignant tumour to take out the contents and remove it from its root. Proceeding to the next step is to avoid reoccurrence by Cauterization. The wound is then taken care of with sutured and plastered with healing herbs.


Why Herbs?

Nature is full of gifts. From all the things nature offers us throughout time, one is herbs for natural care and well-being. Produce from plants that include the roots, leaves, berries, and flowers. All these herbs consist of active ingredients that can formulate chemical changes in the body.

The best thing about herbal remedies is that they can treat you in two ways. The first one is by mouth, and the second one applying to the skin. However, there is no evidence of how profound Ayurveda is to cure Cancer. But, some plants have been found to have anti-cancer properties. Later those plants are used in the making of chemotherapy drugs.



There is no doubt that the scope of Ayurveda is growing at a good pace in the treatment of Cancer, prevention, and palliative care. The adequacy of curcumin and moringa has made way for new medicines and treatments.

Doctors and Researchers from all around the world are adapting Ayurvedic medicines for adjuvant therapies and palliative care. Remedies from natural herbs can save you from abnormal tissue growth, improves immunity, and removes weakness and stress. Enriched with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory actions, these herbs in Ayurveda are safe and non-toxic.

Ayurvedic science formulation can help prevent lethal disease by lessening the adverse effect of allopathic cancer chemotherapy, providing safeguard from side effects of anti-cancer radiotherapy, benign tumours, cancers, precancerous growth. As specialists keep on diving into the contents of Ayurveda, the future shows promising potential for Ayurvedic solutions for having a functioning influence in cancer treatment.


Ayurveda And Cancer | Arogyadham

The oldest Ayurvedic treatment centre in Rishikesh, India, Arogyadham, is all set to help you in the condition of Cancer. We have a team of intelligent and experienced doctors. Being in the field for more than 30 years, Dr Rakesh Agarwal has a profound record in keeping their patients’ hopes high and treat them well. The main objective of our centre is to make your life easy by treating your Cancer and removes it from your life once and for all.

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