Treat Balanitis, An Inflammation of The Penis Glans or Head With Ayurvedic Medicine

Balanitis: Causes, Symptoms And Treatments

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December 1, 2023 |
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It is a skin infection that affects men and boys, mostly uncircumcised men. It’s a common condition that causes redness and irritation on the glans or pink head of the penis. It can happen to anyone who is sexually active at any age. Also, it can occur due to a lack of hygiene, tight foreskin in case of not being sexually active.

There are symptoms to notice like build-up cheesy thick fluid, bad odour penis swelling, rash or ulcers, foreskin tightness, and cuts. In the case of penis swelling, it can pressure the urethra, which also causes painful experience in urination. Balanitis is not always; it can be a condition of Sexually Transmitted Infection and Thrush.

If you have any symptoms, it’s better for you to consult with the doctor and seek treatment. Even it’s not severe, but leaving it untreated can cause complications like Phimosis. Also, it can cause the removal of the foreskin in extreme cases.

The Ayurveda treatment is based on diet, sleep, and balanced sexual life. The medicines are based on herbs and knowledge of in-depth studies to get completely rid of Balanitis. Also, the treatment depends on the case of cause and repetition.

Consult with Dr Rakesh Aggarwal to get effective treatment and results. They are referred by several patients who were suffering from Balanitis and received successful treatments in Arogyadham Health Centre. If you find the same symptoms as mentioned above, the doctors can help get the perfect and permanent solution for Balanitis.

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