How can I increase My Immuity With The Help Of Ayurveda

Top 10 Ways to Boost Your Immunity

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December 1, 2023 |
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According to Ayurveda, diseases can be classified into two terms Nija and Aganthu. The disease that occurs due to an imbalance in the body is called Nija; these types of diseases can be prevented or treated by balancing body elements through changing lifestyle and diet. In contrast, Aganthu diseases are caused due to external factors like bacteria, injuries and physical and mental trauma. These diseases can be treated by performing Ayurvedic therapies like panchkarma and a unique mixture of relevant herbs. lets discuss some best easy ways to boost your immunity.


What is Immunity According to the Ayurveda?

Immunity is explained in Ayurveda under the concept of:

Bala (Strength): The body can repair the damaged cell by external bacteria or viruses

Vyadhi Kshamathwa (Resistance To Illness Development): Our immune system can fight and kill the external disease-causing organism.

Ojas(Supreme Resilience): It is the core of the Kapha Dosha which deals with spirituality, mood, and sleep, and it is also responsible for managing issues like bodily strength, immunity, reproduction, hormones and digestion.

The relationship between digestion and immunity is well explained in the concept of Ojas. Ojas element of the body gets strong as your digestion improves because Ojas is believed to be the spirit of the food we consume. A healthy level of Ojas in the body indicates good tissue nourishment.


Mental Health Affects Immunity

Our mind and emotional state affect our immunity power; the study named Psychoneuroimmunology studied in the past four or five years showed that the mental health of a person affects the central nervous system that controls various factors of the immune system response.

According to the Ayurveda, mental health conditions like anger, sadness, craving, and exertion impact the Ojas of the body, which is responsible for immunity in the body. To get a healthy immune system, it’s necessary to make an equilibrium between all three elements: body, mind, and soul.


Factors That Affects Our Immunity

Imbalanced Diet: An imbalanced diet is a diet that is not appropriately balanced for our body and supports the rise of a dosha. A diet containing processed sugars and artificial flavouring additives is responsible for a weak immune system. Eating disorders like anorexia can also be responsible for a nutritional imbalance and weak immunity in the body.

Excessive Alcohol Intake: If you consume too much alcohol regularly, it will affect your immune system and make it weak against common pathogens. Alcohol consumption also makes the recovery time of a person very long.

Irregular Sleep: If your sleep pattern changes regularly or you don’t get enough sleep, or your sleep is interrupted, it can cause loss of immunity in your body against the outer microorganism.

High Stress: High-stress levels increase the cortisol level in the blood that causes a lack of nourishment to the immune system.

Obesity: Extra weight can cause an imbalance in the metabolism and hormonal functions of the body. The absence of exercise in your daily life also harms immunity.

Chronic Medications: persistent use of antibiotics and other heavy doses medications is also confirmed to be dangerous for the body’s immunity power.

Dehydration: It has been seen that consuming less water can decrease the effectiveness of the body’s immune system.


Some Ways to Boost Your Immunity

Eat Healthy Food

According to Ayurveda, eating according to body energy is stylish, providing maximum nutrition. One must avoid dangerous sugars, reused and canned foods containing preservatives, and limit eating fried and high-calorie food and alcohol. However, one needs to induce ayurvedic impunity boosters like coriander, turmeric, If you’re allowing how to increase the vulnerable system by Ayurveda. Eating leafy green vegetables and seasonal fruits like apples and oranges are great for fulfilling the nutritional value. One must always take lunch as the biggest mess of the day around noon and eat veritably light for regale in order to keep digestion forfeiture. Also, avoid gluten and dairy. It’s also recommended to eat at short intervals regularly so as to give the needed aliment and make sure the body isn’t starving.


Take Ayurvedic Supplements 

Know further about how to facilitate digestion & the advantages of yoga. For creating a mind-body balance and adding a robust and vulnerable system, it’s always recommended to take many supplements along with a good diet and exercise adequately. Ayurvedic medicines help increase the power of digestive fire along with contemplation, yoga, sound sleeping pattern, and body massage. It also helps give a positive outlook on life. To increase immunity, Ayurveda has thousands of sauces like Garlic, Echinacea, ginseng, gusto, turmeric, amla etc. One can also buy ayurvedic medicines like Sitopaladi and Mahasudarshan, which are used to help snap and flu.


Detox Regularly 

According to Ayurveda, undigested food is the leading cause of poisons that spread across the body, making it unhealthy and sick. The poisons stored within the body come breeding grounds for the spongers and begin to settle into vulnerable places in the body, causing infections and ails and eventually weakening the vulnerable system. Hence detoxification is veritably important, and it can be done by regularly consuming lots of fresh fruits, vegetables and authorities.


Keep The Digestive Fire Strong 

The digestive fire or Agni is essential to a strong, vulnerable system. The impunity of our body is entirely under the power of Agni or the digestion process through which the nutrients are absorbed in the body. However, metabolism can be affected, and impunity can go downward If there’s an imbalance within the Agni. The poisonous terrain in the body leads to thriving contagions and bacteria as well. One can belt hot water or drink natural hot teas throughout the day in order to boost the digestive fire.


Meditate Regularly 

It’s vital to do yoga or contemplation regularly to affect the vulnerable system appreciatively. Both yoga and contemplation are identified and help lower the stress and anxiety situations in the body. Contemplation boosts the antibodies and stimulates brain function as well.


Exercise Regularly 

According to Ayurveda, it’s veritably important to exercise, taking into account one’s dosha or energy. Any kind of physical exertion like walks, swimming, or weight training in the spa helps the body recover from inactive positions, thereby making it more functional to the surroundings. It also helps boost the body cells, making them fitter and stronger, and increases the impunity situations extensively. It’s thus recommended to exercise regularly every day for at least 30 twinkles for long term enhancement in health. One can also exercise pranayama, the ancient ayurvedic habit of turning energy through the breath. Pranayama purifies and makes the body strong while peacefully calming the mind. Alternate nostril breathing brings a positive effect to the weak system as well.


Limit Alcohol Intake 

Alcohol is hazardous if consumed regularly; it impairs impunity structure cells. It also causes blood sludging by cementing together blood vessels and reducing oxygen to numerous organs. With the limited quantum of oxygen to the organs, the impunity is bound to get at an each- time low, causing numerous conditions and ails.


Get Good Sleep 

It’s crucial to get good sleep and rest after a hard day’s work. Lack of sleep interrupts the function and can beget conditions like depression, diabetes, heart problems etc. During our sleep, the vulnerable system releases proteins called cytokines. In a shot to ameliorate impunity, Ayurveda recommends at least 8 hours of sleep so that the vulnerable cells can regenerate duly.


Take Warm Bath

According to Ayurveda, it’s essential to take a bath with warm water in the evening to calm the body and help rejuvenescence and health. Epsom mariners and warming essential canvases like gusto, cinnamon, rosemary, cedar, pine, basil, eucalyptus etc., help boost immunity to significant situations.


Have Lots Of Green Tea 

Green tea has been confirmed to be a great ayurvedic impunity supporter that helps fight bacteria and contagions. It contains epigallocatechin gallate, which controls the production of vulnerable cells. It’s also rich in antioxidants and an excellent way to lose weight as it contains zero calories. However, you help yourself against cardiovascular conditions, stroke, and cancer if you take green tea regularly.


Add Flaxseeds & Nuts To Your Diet 

Flaxseeds and nuts are rich in omega-3 adipose acids and phytoestrogens. That makes them a rich component for nascence-linolenic acids vital for modulating a retort of the vulnerable system, keeping infections and contagions at bay. Flax seeds are also anti-cancer and hence a must-have in your daily ayurvedic diet.



If you do not make your immunity system strong, it can cause you a lot of trouble because you can’t take any type of risk to your life in this time of corona. In this pandemic, your health is your biggest wealth, so take care of it. Don’t be stressed if you have weak immunity; Ayurveda is the best way to improve your immunity naturally. Get in touch with Dr Rakesh Aggarwal, a certified Ayurvedic expert doctor to learn more about natural ways to increase your immunity.

Do not make any strict dietary changes on your own. Always consult certified Ayurvedic Doctors near you. Arogyadham Health offers free consultations on various health problems like weak immunity. Book your dates with us and get the best ayurvedic treatment to increase your immunity.

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