Ayurvedic treatment for candidiasis

Candidiasis is a fungal infection. The candida causes it. Well, it’s one of the fungi which lives in the human body. It’s a type which mostly presents in body parts like mouth, belly,  and skin. It doesn’t cause any harm, but it can grow in case of getting a suitable environment. In the case of Candidiasis, the body feels exhausted, craving for sweets, and its immune system turns weak.  Also, a person can have bad breath, brain fog, loss of sex drive, allergy or chronic sinus issue, gas or bloating, pain in a joint, white coating on the tongue, etc.

There are different types in Candidiasis, such as Oral thrush, also known as Oropharyngeal Candidiasis and  Genital Yeast Infection. In oral thrush, the candida spreads in the mouth as well as throat, causing the infection. It’s common in new-born babies, people with weak immune systems, and older people.

In adults, it can cause in case of consumption of a wide range in antibiotics, diabetes,  treatment of cancer, etc. the symptoms include cracking at the end of the mouth, pain during swallowing in throat, redness, soreness, white or yellow patches inside the mouth. Genital Yeast infection is more common in females as compared to men. It happens when the vagina’s PH level changes, causing symptoms like itching,  burning sensation, white discharge from the vagina, etc.

To treat candidiasis, Ayurveda treatments are much useful. Also, it includes herbs and natural take, which keeps the treatment active and secure. The medicines in Ayurveda works to remove the issues from its root. If you find the symptoms of Candidiasis or its types, consult with Dr. Rakesh Aggarwal.

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